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Attention Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and New To Business

Double Up Your Lead Generation And Brand Presence in 97 Days... Or We Work For Free

Works even if you are new to business or already have an established business.

If you are in sales and marketing, you run a manufacturing company, you sell physical products or services, you are in mattress & furniture, financial planning, real estate, affiliate marketing, salon, bakery, F&B, fitness, training & coaching, digital marketing, software & application, education, interior design, construction & home renovation, car sales.


Little Known Secret To Creating Brand Presence,  Doubling Your Lead Generation & Client Acquisition That The Gurus Don't Want You To Know

Many business wants to brand themselves but somehow fail to do so. And most business struggle with getting leads. And once they get leads, they struggle to convert these leads to become clients and close the sales. Whether it's thru their websites, landing pages or social media.

Can you imagine your business or yourself:

  • Being the leading brand name in your industry and the key authority figure that people look up to

  • Constantly generating leads for your business so you don't have to worry where to find new prospects

  • Having an irresistible offer that converts your leads and prospects into clients easily.

  • Attracting clients to go to you because of your brand name and being able to charge the price you want

  • Not needing to beg for referrals or constantly attend networking sessions for new leads.

  • Double up your sales and production in 90 days and scaling it 3X to 5X within the next 12 months.

  • Problems Based On Your Level Of Solutions

    Chances are, if you have tried to work on improving your brand engagement as well as lead generation, you would've gone thru either one or all three levels of solutions listed here.

      Level 1 - Do It Yourself

      You tried to do it yourself and that's how everyone started. Problem is, you don't really know how to do it and your source of information are advice from friends, Mr. Google and YouTube. You got really lost and not too sure what you're actually doing or what is right or wrong.

      Level 2 - Attend A Course

      You attend a course you saw advertised to you on social media. After 3 days of intense learning (and you did learn a lot), you get overload and still don't know where or how to start. You try to do it but too many questions unanswered and you might need to pay the course speaker a lot more for an upsell to get the answers (hopefully) to your questions.

      Level 3 - Hire An Agency To Help You Do It

      Finally, you hire an agency to do it for you but you realize they are charging you exorbitantly and are asking you to do many things which you may not need. Still no results and you need to keep paying them coz you wanted your ROI (even though your gut feeling is telling you it's not working). After all, that's how agencies earn money. They promise results but you're not getting any.

    How It Was

    Hey, this is Jaxen here and I am the founder of Guru Secrets Online. I used to run my own passion business and for many years, it was heavily reliant on referrals and word-of-mouth to generate leads. It was a local business and soon, things started to get tough. Sales was down and I was struggling to get leads. I tried to do what I could, invest in marketing software, attend courses to learn more and even got agencies to come in but nothing helped.

    It was not until my coach & mentor came into my life and helped me turned things around with the right strategies that business started to pick up exponentially.

    What The Right Strategy Did For Me:

  • Consistently generate leads every month

  • Converting leads to become clients

  • Brand myself and went from local to become international

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    I was featured on local TV and print media such as Bernama TV, 8TV Quickie, NTV7 Breakfast Show, Sin Chew Jit Poh Newspaper & Just Dance Magazine


    My personal branding go me invited to countries like Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand & around Malaysia


    Found the way to grow and scale my business within 2 years which initially took me 10 years to build and struggle through all the mistakes and learning curves

    This Was Me Before

    • Spamming friends on text and social media with my offers

    • Always asking for referrals

    • Not being able to close a prospect on my offers

    • Not knowing how to create content for my social media

    • No time or know-how to create content or marketing

    • Feeling lost and defeated

    Change The Course Of Your Entire Business Through The Right Strategy

    There's a good reason why all all successful entrepreneurs and CEO's advocate for the importance of the right marketing strategies because it can propel your business ahead into the future and the wrong one will set you back for years.

    "Marketing is the engine of every business and branding is the fuel."

    • JT Foxx; World's No1 Wealth Coach

    Brand-Leads-Client (BLC) Program

    I used to struggle with building a brand presence, getting leads and converting them to clients. Until I finally discovered the systems and methods used by the world's top marketers and entrepreneurs that has not only helped me but others as well to achieve the same results. I have then compiled all these secret technique into something I call the Brand-Leads-Client Program

    Here's a breakdown of what you'll be getting with our BLC Program.

    # 1

    Branding In a Digital World

    You don't have to figure this out alone. We will hold your hand and work alongside you to build this branding and elevate your presence in the digital world.


    # 2

    Lead Generation

    Getting leads is the lifeline of every business. We will look over your shoulder and help you create a leads generating machine that constantly churns out leads for your business.


    # 3

    God Father Offer

    Transaction occurs when value exceeds price. Every business has a way to create an irresistible offer that helps you to close clients like clockwork and all you need is one good pitch. We will work with you, side by side to help you become the "God Father."



    Here's what some people have to say about Jaxen

    Yin Shean

    Jaxen has given me a lot of ideas on how to generate leads for my business

    Madam Moy

    I have get new ways and new guide as how to bring my business to greater height


    For me, the biggest takeaway is to sell my business without sounding too hard sell

    Chean Fai

    He has given me guidelines & roadmaps & what I can look forward to and start doing


    Why Guru Secrets Online?

    Strategist & Consultant

    Not an Agency

    Unique POV and Custom Strategy

    Many agencies only offer what they know and what they do best; a standard package that fits all. That's how they scale by doing the same thing with the same resources for all clients. But we know no one company are totally alike and as a strategist, we come in with a specific tailored plan for your business based on what you want and need. And yes, we can help you manage your agency's results.

    CEO Marketer

    Not just a Marketing Executive or Client Liaison Officer

    The One with the Vision

    The CEO Marketer is the one who comes up with the ideas and strategy and the marketing executives implement them. You need the CEO Marketer to strategize and help your business grow and that's who we are. We can help source agencies to do the work for and and we can do that by getting you the best deals; which means equally good quality as the big agencies but at a significantly lower rate. And you can change this "agency" any time if you feel its not up to your standard. Flexibility at its best!

    Secrets of The Gurus

    Not just something learned in college

    The Real Stuff Used By Real Marketers

    We use real strategies and real tactics used by the world's top entrepreneurs and marketers. 98% of the websites and social media accounts of companies and brands have no conversion value because they are not done with a marketing mindset; the messaging, offer and strategies are not helping them make more money. Ours do.

    Meet The Guy

    Marketing & Digital Strategist

    Jaxen Tan

    Just like many out there, I used to run my own business traditionally. I was fortunate to be able to hold a high level corporate post whilst running my own business at the same time. I started into business purely from passion and love for what I did and had built a brand name from zero to being internationally recognized. But things aren't always as smooth as it seems. There was a point where I struggled with sales and marketing and it was then that I first engaged my business coach and that helped me turn my business around and achieve better results in 2 years than what I did for 10 years. I then dedicated myself to refining my knowledge in sales and marketing by learning from many of the world's top entrepreneurs and this has helped my business grow. I've sold it off and have even left the corporate world and now I want to bring new meaning to my life by helping others achieve a higher level in their business thru what I know.

    ... see you on your way up!"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

    Why not engage a full fledged agency instead?

    All agencies come with a standard package for all clients. They want you to do the same thing and will charge you a full suite of stuff that you probably don't need all of it. We focus on what's important now and will work on being more cost effective while driving actual results.

    Do you also provide agency services?

    Yes and no. We don't do agency service but we will recommend an agency (we will control their costing for you as we can tell them exactly what is needed and trim away those unwanted offer that they lump in together) or hire and manage a virtual team for your business (more cost effective). 

    What do you mean 98% of websites and social media does not have a marketing mindset?

    Take a look at most business websites. Do you feel compelled to want to engage or buy or reach out to them for more info? No, right? And guess what; they are done by agencies and digital marketers. That's because they are trained to do the same format for all business and everything is all templates. As a strategist, we see things very differently from them. 

    Is there any guarantee for all of this?

    There are only 2 guarantees in life; death and taxes. We will be upfront and say that this process is a 3 step process of hypothesis, testing and pivoting. Same as the systems used by companies in the Silicon Valley. Fail hard and fail fast. That way we can find out what works and scale it. And we need time to deliver results which is why our contracts are a minimum 6 months. We deliver results. Or we work for free. T&C applies, of course.

    Will this work for my industry/niche?

    This will work for any industry or niche, We will have to study and do some research to find out what works and what doesn't work and run test to find the best strategies and tactics. As Jeff Bezos says, its hard to find something that won't sell online.

    Why should I engage you?

    It's easy to hire a marketing executive or a digital marketer to do up all your stuff but to find a CEO Marketer, a Strategist, a Marketing Director for your business; that will be more of a challenge. And at the fraction of the cost. That's why you engage us. Because we take on that role for your business.

    Grow Your Brand & Get More Leads and Clients


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